Viridien Joins Forces with Ranch Computing to Supercharge the Digital Media Landscape

June 11, 2024

Paris, France – June 11, 2024

Viridien, formerly CGG, an advanced technology and digital company, has announced a pivotal high-performance computing (HPC) agreement with Ranch Computing, a French rendering farm based in Paris, to unlock innovation in the digital media industry. Viridien will provide fully customized HPC cloud infrastructure and expertise to Ranch Computing, tailored to the demanding compute requirements of visual effects, animation and architectural visualizations for digital media clients.

With tens of thousands of servers running production 24/7 and use of the latest immersion cooling technology, Viridien’s sustainable approach to HPC enables Ranch Computing to fully scale their rendering business in a cutting-edge data center environment while minimizing their carbon footprint. Combining Viridien’s industrial HPC with Ranch’s expertise and specialist technology will deliver enhanced and fully optimized rendering capabilities, ultra-fast results and exceptional performance even during the most resource-intensive projects.

Viridien, with its decades of experience in technology scouting, hardware selection, energy optimization and efficient cooling solutions, will also provide expertise to Ranch Computing’s HPC Performance Lab. This collaboration will bring benefits from innovations in performance acceleration, reduced energy consumption, extended hardware lifespan and greater sustainability to the digital media industry.

Julien de Souza, CEO, Ranch Computing, said: “Since 2006, Ranch Computing has established itself as one of the major players in the world for rendering images for the architecture, luxury, industry, and animation markets, as well as special effects for film and advertising. Viridien’s reputation as pioneers in sustainable HPC, AI and cloud technologies precedes them. With their expert support, we will continue to redefine what’s possible in the rendering industry.”

Agnes Boudot, EVP, HPC & Cloud Solutions, Viridien, said: “With the increasing demand for digital media content requiring faster, more sustainable rendering options, we are delighted to collaborate with Ranch Computing, who share our vision of pushing the boundaries of computational science. By combining our HPC, AI and cloud technologies with Ranch Computing’s rendering solutions, we provide computer graphic designers with the level of performance and efficiency they need.

About Viridien (formerly CGG)

Viridien ( is an advanced technology, digital and Earth data company that pushes the boundaries of science for a more prosperous and sustainable future. With our ingenuity, drive and deep curiosity we discover new insights, innovations, and solutions that efficiently and responsibly resolve complex natural resource, digital, energy transition and infrastructure challenges. Viridien employs around 3,500 people worldwide and is listed as VIRI on the Euronext Paris SA (ISIN: 0013181864).


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Viridien Joins Forces with Ranch Computing to Supercharge the Digital M



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