The Gift of Stewardship: Water Visionaries Prepare for the Next Revolution

December 21, 2023


Stop fighting, solve issues instead.

OGDEN, Utah and LOVINGTON, N.M., Dec. 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Stewarding produced water from a disposal nuisance into a vital service liquid/carrier fluid to empower industry and agriculture is the goal of Encore Green Environmental and Service Liquid ESG’s new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). “Encore Green’s patented Conservation by Design blueprint is already approved for trials in nonfood agriculture,” said Founder and President Marvin Nash. And Service Liquid ESG’s Founder Scott Richards has accumulated decades of experience at processing and repurposing all types of brackish water—including oilfield/industrial production and service liquids—to replace groundwater in a multitude of industrial and energy applications.

The MOU’s purpose is to combine expertise to expand solutions to water environmental issues, especially for soil health and water resource management. While the energy industry consumes millions of gallons of water for hydraulic fracturing, agriculture’s draw on precious groundwater resources is exponentially greater. Simultaneously, oil wells produce much more water than oil—a resource which, if carefully treated and cleaned, can destress hard-to-recharge aquifers. Currently, most of this produced water is injected underground, increasing earthquakes in oil-producing areas.

Creating new ways to apply this water to soil health benefits the environment as follows:

Boosting carbon capture and storageConserving precious groundwater resourcesIncreasing groundcover crop productionIncreasing biofuel feedstock suppliesReducing earthquake risk in producing regions

While Nash and Richards are excited about applying new technology to these solutions, there are other challenges beyond technology. These include needs for: greater investment, updated regulations, and new legislation to open those doors. They look forward to tackling these and more.

Success in the proper treatment and reuse of water as a service liquid requires the ability to push frontiers in many disciplines, including technology, the environment, economics, land stewardship, regulatory agencies, mineral and surface ownership, agriculture, and industry, among others. Richards and Nash look forward to tackling water stewardship across all fronts.

Buying carbon credits by planting trees around the world is fine, but how much better to steward all of the wider water issues in the US? Transforming liquids from dangerous nuisances to powering the restoration of agricultural land is a bold idea whose time has come.

To learn more about Encore Green, visit: or call 307-287-6711

To learn more about Service Liquid ESG, visit:

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