New CFD Study Shows the Impact of Pressure Drop Around Different Types of Tubing Anchor Catchers

January 9, 2024

An abrupt drop in pressure within the annular space around a TAC can lead to significant challenges like gas locking in rod pumps and the formation of scale

SALT LAKE CITY , Jan. 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A new computational fluid dynamics (CFD) study from the independent consulting firm Imaginationeering finds that the net pressure drop around a standard Baker B2-style tubing anchor, as fluid/gas passes through the annular cavity around the anchor, is more than double the pressure drop around TechTAC’s Slimline® Tubing Anchor Catcher (TAC). A significant pressure drop, like that around the standard anchor, is the primary issue causing gas locking in rod pumps and a major contributor in the formation of scale, iron sulfide, and paraffin.

The CFD study was commissioned by TechTAC® and provides “a comparison CFD analysis of a gas flow within the annular space around two types of a 5.5-inch tubing anchor catcher to assess the differences between them in terms of flow parameters.” The two TACs used in the comparison were a standard tubing anchor catcher and the Slimline® TAC.

According to the study: “…the pressure drop along the standard TAC is more than double that drop along the Slimline TAC. This is expected because the annular cavity with the Slimline TAC’s case is wider than that for the standard TAC’s case.” The Slimline® anchor also demonstrated a noticeable advantage over the standard TAC in reducing the overall turbulence and vorticity strengths within the flow field.

“Standard tubing anchors can restrict annular flow in a well casing, which may lead to issues that can greatly reduce production,” said Bruce Friesen, president of Friesen Oil and Gas Consulting and former global artificial lift advisor with BP. “However, as this new CFD study demonstrates, the geometry of the Slimline® TAC provides a noticeable advantage over the design of the standard TAC by providing more consistent fluid velocity and vorticity, and minimizing pressure drops and turbulent flow.

“With those factors in mind, it’s likely that the installation of a Slimline® TAC versus a standard TAC can – over time – reduce workover costs, increase production rates, and provide for optimized completion designs,” Friesen said.

A summary of the CFD report is available at no cost at

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