SPE Workshop: HSES Focus on the Future – Responding to Changes and How the HSES Function Will Grow – Aug 17, 18 – Ft Worth

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The dynamics of change across the oil and gas industry has increased over the past few years.  Societal pressures towards an energy transition along with expectations of performance and stakeholder engagement are more prevalent than they once were.  ESG principles and a workforce that has been impacted by a decline in energy prices, shift of capital, as well as a pandemic call for a gathering of the HSE-S leadership across North America to discuss trends, best practices, as well as regulatory and stakeholder requirements.

The Workshop objective is to further the SPE Mission by collecting, disseminating, and exchanging technical knowledge concerning the HSE-S aspects of the exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources.  It will also provide opportunities for HSE-S professionals to enhance their technical and professional competence. There are currently very few, if any, cross-functional conferences for oil and gas HSE-S professionals to network with peers and engage in multiple sub-functional discussions.  Most conferences focus on either one aspect (i.e. OSHA Oil and Gas Safety Conference) or across multiple industries (i.e. ASSP Conference) but do not give generalists who cover multiple aspects a chance to hear from experts in different fields.

This workshop will take lessons learned from previous international and regional conferences and build upon them to attract a wide array of HSE-S professionals.  It is also imperative to encourage the participation of younger professionals especially in the wake of retirements and career changes for many who have left the industry. 

Oil and gas HSE-S professionals and executives from principally North America who want to engage and network on more advanced discussions of practices that will help improve and promote HSE-S within the industry. 

Area of involvement include:

✔️ HSE-S

✔️ Operations Integrity

✔️ Operations Management from exploration, drilling, completions and facilities

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