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A Pioneering Technology to Mitigate Sand Production Using In-situ Metallic Bonding Oxidization Reaction

Proppant flowback and sand production are chronic problems that cause the oil and gas industry to incur a substantial amount of cost and non-productive time every year. While proppant flowback is an issue associated with hydraulic fracturing treatments, sand production is mainly associated with unconsolidated formations. However, the mechanism for both issues can be described as a flow of solid particles dragged by production fluids from the formation into the wellbore and ultimately to the surface. The effectiveness of the commercially available techniques to mitigate particles production are debatable, and the industry needs a better and more cost-effective technology that can eliminate the production of these particles through the life of a well.
The presenter(s) will share data about a pioneering technology to mitigate proppant flowback and sand production under a wide range of operational and reservoir conditions. The emerging technology depends on generating an in-situ metallic bonding oxidization reaction promoting particles bonding in a near-wellbore zone. Detailed bonding testing results using different proppant and formation particles, under different conditions, will be discussed. The presentation will also include thermal stability and mechanical integrity testing data as well as permeability and conductivity results under real-world conditions.

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2022 Oil and Gas Events Pittsburgh

2022 Oil and Gas Events Appalachian Basin




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