Register Now for the SPE Energy Transition Symposium 22 – 23 Aug 2023 – Houston

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Transitioning for a Better Energy Future

The theme for this event is “Transitioning for a Better Energy Future”. Our goal is to deliver a prominent and dedicated energy transition event by collecting and disseminating the knowledge from industry leaders, technical experts, academicians, practitioners, financial community and ESG leaders, and together through collaboration, advance the conversations, technology and exchanges that will move our industry forward.

Message from the Chairs
Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to the inaugural SPE Energy Transition Symposium! This event will take place 22-23 August 2023, in Houston, Texas. The energy industry is going through a transition, and we believe the Society of Petroleum Engineers has a key role in leading this transition.

The event provides an excellent opportunity for both seasoned and young professionals to share experiences with and learn from colleagues, and to build relationships with attendees with diverse topic backgrounds, such as:

Sustainable hydrocarbon development and production
Carbon capture, transportation, utilization, and storage
Geothermal – power generation
Geothermal – direct heat applications
Methane emissions management
Hydrogen technologies
Decarbonization, carbon management, and carbon offsets
Wind technologies
Power and renewable energy, fuel, and products
ESG, financial, policy, and regulations
Circularity and integration across the value chain
Education and training
On behalf of the 2023 Program and Advisory Committees, we invite you to participate in this exciting new event. Let us transition together by submitting an abstract by 15 March 2023 and plan to attend the event 22-23 August 2023.