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Register Now for the 2nd Hydrogen Industrial Series 2023 North America by Wisdom Events March 1, 2 – Houston

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Hydrogen has been talked about for decades, but only recently things have appeared to be accelerating, as investments and government support are growing, and the hydrogen technology is ready to further scale-up. Hydrogen will play a crucial role in meeting the net zero target by the year 2050, as it could help decarbonization efforts in a number of sectors, particularly important in sectors that are hard to electrify and where greenhouse gas emissions are difficult to abate. However, a number of regulatory issues will need to be addressed before hydrogen can play a larger role in the domestic industries.

2nd Hydrogen Industrial Series 2023 – North America will delve deep to uncover the potential for hydrogen across North America. On 1st and 2nd March 2023 we will gather the key industry stakeholders in the entire hydrogen and fuel cells industry value chain, to discuss the role of hydrogen in the energy transition, to hear the latest advancements in its production, distribution and storage, and at the same time showcase the best practices and models to recognize and seize the opportunities to generate new revenue and stay ahead of the competition.Join us in Houston, TX on March, 1-2 2023 to showcase your hydrogen capabilities, collaborate, and do deals to advance the global hydrogen economy in this international arena. KEY TOPICS

1. HYDROGEN PRODUCTION, STORAGE, & INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT New fuel Building a Clean Hydrogen Economy, The Role of Hydrogen in the Energy Transition What is the Future of Transportation? The Role of Distributed Energy Hydrogen Value Chain Analysis

2. FUEL CELL DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, & MANUFACTURING Designing for Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization Investing in Sustainability and Financing the Future Addressing the Barriers to Decarbonization in Existing Commercial Buildings Pathway to Decarbonization in the Industrial Sector

3. CARBON CAPTURE, UTILIZATION & STORAGE Leveraging Technologies to Diversify Energy Mix and Meet Decarbonization Goals Emerging Energy Storage Solutions Clean Hydrogen Latest Trends & Projects

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