eIndustrify Launches to Eliminate Friction from Industrial Procurement

March 21, 2024

New e-marketplace platform aims to solve procurement processes for industrial businesses

HOUSTON, March 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today eIndustrify, a new B2B e-marketplace platform, launches to streamline procurement processes and reduce lead times for buyers. A company of Prismecs, eIndustrify goes beyond offering simple digital storefronts for suppliers to addressing the high cost, lack of transparency, and inefficient processes that hamper procurement processes for modern enterprises today. Expanding outreach for suppliers and access for buyers, eIndustrify aims to take the friction out of procurement within the industrial sectors including power generation, oil and gas, metals and mining, renewables, telecom, and data center companies worldwide

“eIndustrify has already been adopted by industrial giants who were searching for cost savings, transparency, and efficiency,” said Junaid Ali, CEO of eIndustrify and Prismecs. “Launching eIndustrify is our response to the exponential growth in demand from buyers – 10 times more growth than traditional procurement methods. With the backing of Prismecs, this new company is coming out of the gate with a bustling marketplace creating benefits for industrial buyers and sellers around the world.”

eIndustrify will reduce the barriers to entering the procurement market with instant information on product availability for buyers, making it faster and easier for sellers of all sizes to connect with global purchasers. The newly launched company offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution that not only provides e-commerce point-of-sale (POS) capabilities but also facilitates product listings, helping businesses accelerate their market entry. eIndustrify begins with the essentials: pick, pack, ship, and delivery, and extends its convenience with services such as installation, maintenance, and operations, available through its parent company, Prismecs. This approach is a comprehensive approach to covering every facet of an order.

Buyers Race Towards Digital Transformation

Those responsible for outfitting their enterprise with the equipment it needs to run are all in on anything that makes the process more efficient and cost-effective. With eIndustrify, buyers can request a quote or proposal and have access to a global network of suppliers, specific to their needs. The platform’s automation eliminates the manual back and forth, providing personalized recommendations and taking users directly to the best suppliers.

This happens in multiple languages with the ability to use the Product Comparison tool to weigh out similar products based on cost or features. The process is automated from RFQ to PO conversion, order tracking, and returns management, while buyers can track everything through dashboard analytics and access to multi-channel customer support and dedicated account management.

Suppliers Answer the Call

eIndustrify aims to empower the industrial procurement market through the people and companies already looking to expand their reach. With eIndustrify, sellers from all over the world can register and set up shop with their personalized digital storefronts, fully supported by an eIndustrify technical team. Unlike other platforms that conceal supplier identity, eIndustrify offers full visibility to enable and empower sellers. This allows suppliers to position products in a competitive e-commerce marketplace with access to tech infrastructure, CRM, marketing, logistics, and industrial services.

Procurement Redefined

“It’s surprising to think that the nearly $600 billion global industrial machinery market often operates their procurement through emails and a multitude of spreadsheets,” said Ali. “As the wave of online transactions continues to grow, it’s clear that the model is not sustainable, so eIndustrify has been born. Industrial buyers need quality procurement solutions that give them a competitive edge. Businesses need an all-in-one global marketplace that provides crucial services like supply chain management, marketing, logistics, industrial services, and account management, all within a secure and easy-to-use platform.”

Prismecs, a leader in turnkey energy and industrial services solutions, launched eIndustrify to carry on its vision of shaping brilliance for industrial companies by being the B2B solution from picking and packing through maintenance and finance after hearing the cry for innovation in industrial procurement from customers across the board.

About eIndustrify
eIndustrify, with its pioneering eProcurement services, is transforming how businesses acquire products. The platform elevates the procurement process with advanced technology, user-friendly design, and a comprehensive understanding of industrial needs. Backed by Prismecs, a leader in turnkey energy and industrial services solutions, eIndustrify is connecting customers and suppliers on a global scale and is well-equipped to facilitate seamless transactions and operational excellence.

Buyers and sellers can join the platform in five minutes, with hassle-free registration. For more information visit https://eindustrify.com.

About Prismecs
Prismecs is the leader in turnkey energy and industrial services solutions for industrial businesses and organizations within the oil & gas, power, energy, and telecom sectors. The company offers comprehensive and innovative engineering solutions (EPCM), reliable operations and maintenance support, and cutting-edge technology services.

Prismecs is a dedicated partner for efficiently managing and optimizing operations, currently delivering a robust suite of services in 15+ countries across five continents. Prismecs strengthens access to industrial markets from project inception to product delivery and personnel support by delivering integrated, turnkey solutions for the world’s toughest operations. To learn more, visit www.prismecs.com.

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