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Register Now for the Texas Oilman’s Charity Fishing Tournament July 18-July 20, 2024 – Matagorda

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Texas Oilmans Charity Fishing Tournament Matagorda

Please choose from the following registration types:
1. Team Registration
4 Anglers, 1 Guest/Guide.
Additional Angler and Guest/Guide add-ons available.

2. Table Sponsor Registration – Approval and Password Required.
8 Anglers, 5 Workers, 7 Guest/Guides.
Additional Angler and Guest/Guide add-ons available.

3. Director, Volunteer, & Director’s Guest – Approval and Password Required.

All registration ticket types have the ability to order Door Prizes, Raffle Buckets, and Auction Items.
PASSWORD ACCESS – Please email support@tocift.org or call 832-949-1097 for password access.

Teaser video: