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2023 Oil and Gas Industry Events Calendar

Register now for the Sucker Rod Pumping Workshop August 28-31, 2023 – Midland, TX

2023 Oil and Gas Industry Events

This August, oil & gas professionals from all over the world will gather in Midland, Texas for four days of continuing education, technical sessions, panels, and more. Join us as we share new insights and emerging trends, explore best practices, and discuss the latest advancements in sucker rod pumping technology and optimization. You’ll discover new and leading products and services in the nearby exhibitor hall, and enjoy ample opportunities to network with individuals from diverse professional backgrounds.

Continuing Education
This year’s Sucker Rod Pumping Workshop offers a variety of one and two day courses that oil and gas operators and producers with every level of experience are sure to find valuable.

Failure Management through Effective Chemical Applications
Monday, August 28th
Oilfield products are highly corrosive, and many rod pumping failures due to corrosion cause significant productivity and profitability loss. Effective application of chemicals helps to mitigate and manage corrosion, which results in reduced failure rates, increased uptime and ultimately improved profitability. In this highly practical course taught by a seasoned instructor, the trainees will learn the problem solving process to failure analyses from gathering the evidence, field investigation, analysis and evidence validation to report.

Understand How Downhole Dynamometer Card is Used to Trouble Shoot and Analyze Sucker Rod Lifted Wells
Monday, August 28th
This 1-day class will use many different sets of field acquired dynamometer data to discuss downhole mechanical friction, transient forces in the rod string, plus highlight many other downhole conditions that impact producing sucker rod lifted wells. The 1 dimension and deviated wave equation will aid the discussion on how mechanical friction in vertical and/or deviated wells makes the calculation of down hole rod loadings complex and difficult. The sucker rod pumping system loads and rod position through out a stroke can be predicted along the rod string, where transient forces applied to the rod string can be analyzed at any point along the rod string length. Dynamometer cards, particularly calculated downhole pump cards will be used for diagnostics of problems that exist in sucker rod lifted wells. Use of dynamometer card with pump intake pressure will be used to identify the impact of incomplete pump fillage on plunger motion, under travel and over travel of the pump plunger. Many of the concerns that operators face when using the sucker rod pumping system to produce vertical and deviated sucker rod lifted wells will be addressed. This seminar will introduce various sucker rod concepts and help the participant understand how this technology can be used to improve the operation of sucker rod lifted wells.

Rod Pumping Fundamentals and Dynamometer Analysis
Monday, August 28th
This comprehensive course offers real-world training by industry experts for optimization, design and best practices. The training course will provide all attendees with an all-encompassing understanding of the rod pumped system to allow for improvements in optimization techniques to achieve additional production, runtimes, and minimized failures.

Data Analytics Applications in Rod Pumping
Tuesday, August 29th
Data analysis means cleaning, inspecting, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering new, useful information and supporting decision-making. In this hands-on course, participants will learn some data techniques and workflows applied to rod pumped wells while reviewing code and practicing. The focus will be on the development of data-driven models while keeping our feet closer to the rod pumping’s basic principles. This one-day (two half-day-sessions) course discusses use cases specific to rod pumped wells and related facilities. The course is primarily intended for production and facilities engineers to enhance knowledge base, technology awareness and of different data analysis techniques that can be applied on large data sets. After completing the course, participants will have a set of tools and some pathways to analyze and manipulate their own data in the cloud, find trends, and develop data-driven models.

Root Cause Failure Analysis
Tuesday, August 29th
Root cause failure analysis is the key to identifying appropriate solutions to problems with single well repairs as well as systemic problems within a lease, asset, or specific well population. Establishing a comprehensive RCFA process with the appropriate foundations is essential to ensuring producers are maximizing the knowledge gained from historical failures. This course presents they key items needed to create and maintain a proper RCFA program. It will cover the foundations of a proper program, the important information needed for a proper RCFA to be conducted, recognition of failure mechanisms for the different components in an SRP system, as well as some possible solutions for those failures.

Incomplete Pump Fillage – Gas Interference, Fluid Pound, Blocked Intake
Tuesday, August 29th
“LONG AND SLOW” OR “SHORT AND FAST” is NOT the way to go! The way to go is to apply recommended practices to operate your wells, do not operate your wells with incomplete pump fillage more than 2% of the time. When a failure occurs then identify the cause and strive to prevent a repeat occurrence of the failure in the future. The three causes of incomplete pump fillage can be accurately diagnosed by using representative dynamometer and fluid level surveys. The magnitude of the pump loads w/ respect to the zero load line, Fo from the Fluid Level, and the Fo Max Load can be used to identify the cause of incomplete pump fillage. The pressure inside the pump chamber is a function of plunger travel and compressibility of fluid in the pump. Sucker rod pumps intake well fluids through the standing, SV, and discharge fluids into the tubing through the traveling, TV. was created to help the industry to synchronize by providing a free lookahead for key industry events across the world. We focus on news and events and non-profit support. We support community outreach, and industry specific 2023-2024 Oil and Gas trade shows and conferences for Upstream. These include Offshore Wind, Offshore Drilling, Subsea, & Land Drilling,. We are FROM Upstream, FOR Upstream and believe in Networking With A Purpose. Allstream Energy Partners puts all streams of energy together through our media outlets in Midstream, Downstream, Renewable Energy and Upstream.