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The US offshore wind industry is on the cusp of a new wave of growth. As established projects regain momentum, and a fresh round of lease auctions and solicitations signal a renewed market upswing, developers need to swiftly navigate through regulatory, economic, and supply chain challenges to streamline project planning, accelerate development, and ensure timely deployment. The clock is ticking – any delay is a risk to overall project profitability.

To maximize the success and financial viability of your projects, it is crucial to:

∙ Navigate Policy and Regulatory Landscapes: Stay ahead of the curve with evolving policies and diverse state regulations to attract and reassure long-term investors.
∙ Tackle Cost and Supply Chain Dynamics: Navigate rising costs and supply chain complexities by securing resources early to maintain project viability and budget integrity.
∙ Overcome Project Execution Barriers: Streamline permitting, upgrade infrastructure, and cultivate a skilled workforce to ensure your projects progress without delays.

That’s why over 500 offshore wind changemakers will experience the ultimate convergence of industry expertise and collaborative interaction at Reuters Events: Offshore Wind USA 2024 in Boston. Tailored for individuals of all levels of seniority, from project developers, suppliers through to policymakers, it offers unparalleled opportunities to learn, interact, engage, and drive profitable projects through to completion. Don’t miss out on the premier business-focussed event, designed exclusively for those who want to take a leading role in the US offshore wind sector.