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2023 Society of Petroleum Engineers Gulf Coast Section (SPE GCS) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit (IES) April 26th -Houston

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Sponsorship Vision

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit 2023 (IES 2023) is your premier opportunity to build connections and pursue new solutions within the Energy industry. Each sponsor will access an array of curated attendees and speakers, obtain insights on current innovation and entrepreneurship trends in our energy industry, and possess diverse opportunities to promote your company and brand across the Houston Innovation Ecosystem and Energy Industry.

The SPE-GCS Innovate Committee creates a fully customized sponsorship program to help your brand obtain industry recognition, relevance, and value with a diverse audience of global Innovators and Investors, Technologists and Entrepreneurs, Business Experts, and Corporate Leaders in an exclusive full-day experience. Beyond the traditional prominent logo alignment, IES 2023 provides each sponsor with unique expressions of your brand that can connect with our audience.

Experience a partnership with SPE-GCS Innovate to share your vision and brand identity at IES 2023 and help us move the energy industry forward!

IES 2023 Theme and Program

Entrepreneurship – and Intrapreneurship – are difficult and risky undertakings. Our customer insights reveal that our Energy Industry has considerable friction to put into practice new solutions that create a valuable and viable business. Our strategic theme this year is “CLIMB”, helping remove the friction that holds back any innovator and entrepreneur and enabling them to move upward to success. Our IES 2023 program has content to develop the individual, empower them to collaborate with others and partner with existing firms, and motivate them to deliver solutions that can change the energy today and tomorrow.

IES 2023 Goals

SPE-GCS Innovate Committee’s vision is to “Build Better Innovators” for 2023, enabling them to change our energy industry for the better. We designed IES 2023 to attract, engage, and connect 500 attendees in our Downtown Houston, TX, venue. During our full-day event, our attendees will experience – in a unique format – speakers who address overcoming fear of innovation and change, discovering the next great energy need, building a team of energy co-founders, and leveraging intrapreneurship in a corporate environment. IES 2023 will conclude with our Shark Tank pitch competition among early-stage energy founders.

To ensure a future of sustainable growth in our energy industry, the net profits of IES 2023 support the SPE-GCS Scholarship Fund, helping to create new innovators and entrepreneurs in energy-related academic disciplines. We aim to add $100,000 to the scholarship fund from generous support of our sponsors and sales to our attendees.

Innovate Performance

Since 2014, SPE-GCS Innovate designed unique events to attract a global audience for an exclusive energy experience. Our performance metrics demonstrate delivering on our goal of connecting attendees, speakers, and sponsors as well as funding our SPE-GCS Scholarship Fund.

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Standard Branding and Display Benefits

Sponsors will receive prominent recognition before, during, and after IES 2023. Prominent Logo Placement and Sponsorship Acknowledgement across a spectrum of Digital and Print formats and opportunities, including any unique designs by our sponsors. For example, Digital: Websites, Presentations, Emails, Apps, and Social Media. Physical: Banners, Posters, and Displays at Event Venue. Social media posts will express your involvement immediately and frequently.

Curated Attendee and Speaker Recruitment

Beyond branding, SPE-GCS Innovate Committee has applied many principles of innovation toward engaging and encouraging participants at IES 2023. We scour our networks to identify energy innovators, founders, leaders, and investors who need to be in attendance. To support our theme and programming, we also curate a novel array of speakers who can provide critical insights for today that are also relevant for the future.

Speakers and Sponsors Dinner: Exclusive Opportunity to Connect

Before IES 2023, our Speakers are made available to meet with our Sponsors in a private setting to discuss our Energy Industry and to hear from an exclusive speaker sharing their insights into the new directions for Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Houston.

Continuous Interactions with Attendees, Speakers, and Sponsors

Connecting with participants starts before the event begins through our Digital Event Engagement App Guidebook and continues after the event. Each participant will be able to connect and engage via their SmartPhone, review speakers and program updates, and interactively engage with your brand. Sponsors can coordinate with the SPE-GCS Innovate committee to design messages that meet your brand goals. IES 2023 will actively broadcast announcements, content, and surveys via Guidebook during the event.

Social Media and Press Releases

SPE-GCS Innovate Committee has a team of marketers who will promote your brand and connection with IES 2023 for many weeks, including press releases after the event concludes.

Share Your Innovation and Entrepreneurial Vision at IES 2023

Sponsors can uniquely communicate with the audience at IES 2023 by displaying a video of their brand and vision during our programming and reception. SPE-GCS Innovate also has access to video producers who can help you create a video unique to IES 2023 that will connect you with our audience.

Live from IES 2023 – PodCast with Speakers and Sponsors

SPE-GCS Innovate is securing a global provider of podcasts relevant to our energy industry to broadcast live from IES 2023. Our speakers will have an opportunity for a follow-up with the podcast hosts, and sponsors can coordinate opportunities for their executives and thought leaders to participate.

Event Videography Brings IES 2023 Inside Your Organization

A sponsorship opportunity exists to record the entire IES 2023 event – from opening remarks to the Shark Tank event – and share those recordings within your Organization and the Global Energy Industry. A branding opportunity is possible for the videography.

Shark-Tank Benefits

Sponsorship permits us to award critical funding for our early and seed-stage startups who pitch and win at our annual Shark Tank event. These awards are essential for startups to connect with their customers and the innovation and energy ecosystem in Houston, enabling them to prove their technology and business model. Sponsors will have access to the entire pool of Shark Tank applicants and opportunities to continue discussions with them at IES 2023.

Showcase Your Business at our Tech Tables

IES 2023 provides a limited number of Tech Tables where sponsors can attract prospective clients, recruits, and technology companies to meet in our networking reception area.

Fundraising Request

SPE-GCS Innovate Committee seeks sponsors who can collectively generate $200,000 in funds to support IES 2023. Funds are tax deductible. Sponsors can supply funds online via the SPE-GCS website or directly to SPE-GCS.

Contacting Person

Please contact Steve Louis and the SPE-GCS Sponsorship Team to discuss your customized solution and sponsorship commitment.

Steve Louis, Innovate Sponsorship
(832) 360-7630

SPE-GCS Innovate Sponsorship Team

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